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5 Tips for Your Individual Portrait

5 Tips for Your Individual Portrait

1. How are your photos going to be used?

Let us know upfront if you need your photos for personal, publicity, or business use. More than one is fine.

2. Think about your clothes, hair, jewelry, and/or make-up.

Feel free to bring changes of clothing (socks and shoes included!). Alert us ahead of time what colors you plan to wear so we can adjust backdrop colors. Solid colors usually look better than thin stripes or plaids. Please bring a comb or hairbrush. Remember that you’re not on stage so there’s no need to apply heavy make-up.

3. Rare is the perfect face or body.

It’s the photographer’s job to make you look your best with good lighting and editing software. So don’t fret about pimples, lines, shadows under the eyes, and so on. Also, don’t worry about posing. We will coach you.

4. Be in good health

Try to get enough sleep the night before. Your face will look brighter. If you have a cold or other illness, it will also affect how you look; consider rescheduling.

5. Have fun!

Our goal is to make this experience fun. You could practice posing in front of a mirror if you like. But it’s more important to remember events or people that make you happy. Your face will relax and reveal your authentic self.