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5 Tips for Your Event Photo Shoot

5 Tips for Your Event Photo Shoot

1. How are your photos going to be used?

Three kinds of photos are available – candid, portraits, and action/documentary. Please alert us ahead of time what you will need. If you prefer portraits, there will be far fewer candids and documentary unless portrait time is allotted before or after the event.

If you prefer portraits, please provide us with an appropriate space (with an electrical outlet) which can accommodate a backdrop and studio lights. Please inform the event manager at the venue so we can turn to him or her instead of you for assistance with this space.

2. Provide us an agenda or program details.

This will help us identify and prepare for photo opportunities ahead of time. It is most helpful to review the agenda with us in case we have questions that will help us help you. Please also let us know any key pictures you will need.

3. Prepare for award ceremony if applicable.

If your event includes an award ceremony, please coach the presenter to momentarily pause and face the camera with the recipient. They should make the award visible and wait for our cue that we have gotten a good shot.

4. Prepare your guests if applicable.

If you desire photos of each guest table, please inform the attendees. This will save time, allow us to move more gracefully among your guests, and help us maximize the number of photos we capture for you.

5. If the event is long, please provide food for the photographer.

We want to perform at our best for you!