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5 Tips for Your Performance Photo Shoot

5 Tips for Your Performance Photo Shoot

1. Inform the cast and director(s) ahead of the shoot that photographers will be shooting.

2. However, the cast should ignore us! It’s awkward when they look purposefully in the photographer’s direction during the performance.

3. If we’re shooting a dress rehearsal, all actors or dancers should either be in costume or out. Similarly, all actors or dancers should be with or without make-up. Light shines differently on a made-up versus natural face and each photo must strive for uniformity.

4. Please have the performance lighting on stage on. This includes spot lights if possible. We prefer not to use a flash as it isn’t the same color as stage lights and it often destroys the “mood” of the scene.

5. If posed portraits are desired, we can schedule a separate time that does not conflict with the run of the show.