Jeanine M. Vitale, photographer

Since 2005, Jeanine Vitale of Prism Point Photography has been creating portrait, corporate, event, theatrical and fine art photography – on location and in her studio in Northboro, Massachusetts. She focuses her work around the power of the camera to bring life’s mystery into the physical realm – whether she is photographing office staff, a family with a newborn, a dance performance, or a forest’s reflection in tranquil waters.

Jeanine’s photography is a natural extension of her career in the arts. She’s been an opera singer, choral and hand bell conductor, make-up artist, artistic director, dancer and choreographer. Each of these pursuits has fine tuned her ability to seek a visual and compositional aesthetic that other photographers tend to pass by.

She believes that her philosophy serves her clients well. “People can spot a badly staged or an inauthentic photo a mile away. The more honest a portrait I can take, the more genuine it will be. This enhances a person’s image or a company’s brand immensely.”

She adds, “The art of photography opens hearts. It provides the rarest of opportunities to stop time by focusing on the present.”

Jeanine also photographs for various charities, among them – Rebuilding Together Worcester, First Congregational Churches of Shrewsbury and Paxton – feeling it’s important to use one’s gifts to make the world a better place.